About Jane & Pearl

Hi there, I'm Emily. I'm married to RD. We have two crazies named Maisie and Camille who were born three minutes apart on New Years Day in 2014, when it was literally negative forty degrees outside, without the wind chill. We spent 4.5 years in the winter wonderland of Wisconsin and recently moved to east Tennessee where RD works as a pastor (and expert luncher). Aside from running around with my sweet and wild threenagers, I like to paint, Zumba (hey! zumba ho!), drink the coffee that RD makes (the best, he weighs the beans and it's serious), hike flat trails in the smokies, be overly competitive at board games, breakout rooms, keep up with reality TV, and try new restaurants in Knoxville. You can see more on the ol' instagram!


How Jane & Pearl Began

Summer 2015

After reading articles on the current refugee crisis and knowing friends on the front line in Iraq doing art therapy with Isis survivors, my heart was bursting with a way to respond to the tragedy coming out of the middle east.

"If you stand under an Iraqi sky at night and listen - you can hear a thousand
heartbeats, waiting... hoping."
-Ann Voskamp

Shortly after this,  I read "In Order to Live" by Yeonmi Park, and was deeply moved by her story. Growing up in North Korea, Yeonmi's greatest motivation in escaping to China was an entire bowl of warm rice. That was it. Tragically, after making it to China as a teenager she was trafficked, bought and sold, for less than a hundred dollars the first time. She now had rice, but again had no freedom, and it's all she wanted. Simply to be free. To not be someone else's property.

Several months later, I had a vivid dream. I dreamt that one of my daughters was taken. We quickly found the house that she was being kept at. We pleaded with the man that was also keeping others to give our daughter back. He said, "she is very valuable to me, she will cost a lot." And in my dream I yelled, "she is invaluable! she has immeasurable worth!!" This person was telling me that my DAUGHTER had a price tag. But, in my dream (and in my real life) I have resources, and a family member was able to pay a price that was acceptable for her return. And in that moment, in my dream with devastation, I felt the weight of all the faceless, nameless, statistics of especially women and children that are oppressed or held in captivity. They are someone's daughter. I thought of their mothers, fathers, their sisters, and brothers who want to fight for their freedom but can not.


So I thought, "what do I have?" A little bit of nap time, and a love to watercolor and create, however simple it is. What if all profits from a watercolor design go to these nonprofit organizations that are working to help women and children who've survived unimaginable suffering. 

"All suffering, injustice, poverty, and death will be ended. To pray 'thy kingdom come' is to 'yearn for that future life' of justice and peace."
-Tim Keller

That's my prayer with the resources I've been given, to invest them in bringing heaven to earth.

Jane & Pearl. The middle names of my daughters and the motivation to remember the value and worth inherent in every single person among thousands of oppressed, enslaved, and abused women and children. Each one is someone's child. Each one has immeasurable worth.

"The absurdity of a mad world only changes when we stop being deaf to the other - and have the audacity to listen to each other's hearts - and respond."
-Ann Voskamp

(*I will always list organizations that benefit from the profits of Jane & Pearl on the blog, so you know exactly where your money is going. Feel free to contact me with any questions about these organizations or my mission!)

Photos by Nicole Hacker Photography, based in Wisconsin.