Amanda's Story from Tijuana


Amanda ( @am.hairandmakeup on Instagram) is a friend and has been my husband’s intern his first year here in Knoxville and there couldn’t have been a more perfect person for the job. Amanda and RD took a group of young adults to Tijuana and she shares some of her heart for Tijuana below.

“I just went to Tijuana for the first time a year ago. I studied Spanish in high school and college but I am far from fluent, and I was worried about how I could connect with the kids there. I soon learned that some things are universal: beauty, music, and the power of presence. 

I am a hairstylist by trade and I took my things to cut hair if needed. The sweet girls at the orphanage were hesitant at first. They really value long beautiful hair, and I think they thought I was just going to chop it all off, but as soon as the first girl trusted me they all lined up afterwards. 

I spent time with each girl telling her how beautiful she was and that she would still be just as beautiful and treasured even if she was bald. Everyone deserves the chance to hear that they are beautiful and worthy and the City of Refuge orphanage gives these young girls that, and at the orphanage they are taught that they are loved and cherished children of God.

There is a huge need in Tijuana for children. There are young boys and girls living in extreme poverty, suffering abuse, and being scattered from their families, but the City of Refuge steps into this and provides a place of refuge and healing. Here these children can learn that they are valued and worthy and that their story is not finished.”

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