New Partnership Announcement : City of Refuge Children's Home

We met the goal of $1,500 for Bridge Refugee Services!
But the work continues! There is more to paint for the good of others.

My next partnership is 
City of Refuge located in Tijauna, Mexico. They provide a loving home for around 100 orphan children that have come out of abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, or living on the streets. They also support anywhere from 10-20 single mothers and their children as well as women who have escaped trafficking and abuse. I'm eager to begin painting and creating for the sake of these women and children in Tijuana.
My husband has been to Tijuana twice this year and he said that Sara, who runs City of Refugee, is one of the most hope-filled and heroic women he's met. What an honor to partner with her work for these beautiful people that are worthy of the love, protection, and flourishing that we all want for our children.

100% of the profits from every purchase will go towards the flourishing of these women and children in Tijuana. 

Thankful to partner with you!

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