Isabella's Story from Tijuana

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Guest Post Written by Isabella Ruth Lee:
Over the past thirteen years of visiting the orphanage in Tijuana, I have heard many reoccurring stories. They are the stories of redemption. They are the stories of healing. They are the stories of life being breathed back into an innocent soul. They are the stories of children being rescued from abusive situations and being brought to a safe home that abounds in the love of Jesus. 

This sweet girl’s name is Lizeth and throughout the years of my visits to the orphanage, I have gotten to know the depths of her heart. When she first arrived at the orphanage, she was angry, reserved, sad, and her soul had been overall deeply damaged. 

Today, Lizeth is not the same girl. She is a girl who abounds in hope, is full of life, and dreams of a bright future. Though she still has scars from her past, they have faded immensely and some have even healed.

City of Refuge is a place that gives life to children who feel as if their life’s have been robbed from them. Tear-filled eyes turn into eyes that sparkle. Anger that seems to be dominating turns into joy that radiates. Broken hearts become mended and crushed spirts are resurrected.

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