2016 Overview : School for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

 Thank you for being a part of their brave story. 

The very first partnership that Jane & Pearl participated in was with friends that were doing incredible work for Syrian Refugees in Turkey. Their work was such a huge motivation for me to turn what free time I had while the girls nap into something with a lasting impact. You can read about what was accomplished for these precious children in 2016 below.

April 2016

I am honored to partner with this incredible work being done in Turkey for Syrian refugees. These children that are in this school are valuable, they have worth, and are worth fighting for! And our friends are doing just that. 

Due to obvious privacy concerns, we can not share the names of our friends or too many specific location details, we hope that you understand. 

Here is what the team working in Turkey right now had to say:

"Five years of civil war has led many to call Syria's children "the forgotten generation". However, God is showing a group of Syrian refugee kids, who have fled to Turkey, that they are very much on his radar. Nine Syrian refugee teachers started a makeshift school for 250 Syrian children. Class is held in shipping containers converted into classrooms. Alongside their normal studies, the students have also participated in art therapy sessions specifically tailored for children from conflict zones to help them process difficult emotions and trauma in a safe environment.
We'd like to serve more Syrian refugee children by purchasing additional supplies for future art therapy sessions. Your gift will also be used towards the school's operating costs, and to bolster the income of the nine Syrian teachers who are themselves refugees."

"A young boy drew this picture and he shared that it was bombs falling on both mosques and churches alike in Syria. I asked him why he included both and he said it was because both muslims and christians experienced the suffering. War doesn't discriminate. In its brutality, all suffer." 

May 2016 Update:

Jane & Pearl raised over $500** to support the Syrian Refugee School in Turkey. 
Thank you.
Thank you for supporting a creative outlet that more importantly supports women and children on the margin. It has been humbling and exciting to receive your support as your purchase of Jane & Pearl note cards sent $450 to this school providing salaries for the teachers (refugees themselves), utilities, and rent. And another $100 covered supplies for more art therapy classes.
I'm continuing to partner with this school. They are still raising funds to cover their expenses, below is a note from the director of this project: 

"Thank you so much for your generosity in helping to serve these refugee children. The staff and teachers at the school were overjoyed when they heard that people from around the world were donating money to enable them to continue teaching these children for the rest of the year. You are making a huge impact on their lives." -Staff from Get Bridged 
**By the end of 2016 we had raised over $1,000 just through the purchase of notecards! We donated to the school again and also to Preemptive Love, which serves Syrian refugees on the front lines in Aleppo and Mosul among other cities in the middle east. 

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