Ali's Story from Tijuana

stories from tijuana

Guest Post Written by Ali Woods: 
While visiting the women’s shelter this past December, my spirit instantly drew me to sweet Ms. Martha.
She is a women who has recently escaped physical & emotional abuse, who is currently recovering from nearly losing both of her feet, but who radiates so much joy with a smile that lights up a room.

I sat on her bedside chatting about her life, & in the middle of our conversation felt the need to tell her that she would one day be used as a vessel. That her story had power & her testimony would be a tool to free & empower other women.

She immediately hugged me with tears in her eyes & reached over to grab her notebook where she had sketched a picture of a clay pot (a vessel) filled with gold. She had seen the pot in a dream she had a few nights ago & was told to pass out the gold to others.
Martha didn’t understand the dream because she didn’t think she had any gold to offer.

But I got the privilege of reminding her that her story mattered. That IT WAS the gold. And that it would one day encourage others to have her same faith, strength, & courage in seemingly hopeless situations.

It is amazing to watch how the staff at Women With Purpose shelter are truly transforming the nation of Mexico with God’s love.

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